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Preview: Vargam



Director M.Padmakumar is getting ready to release his second movie Vargam later this month and we’ll see Prithviraj doing a Police role again (after V.K.Prakash’s Police and Vinayan’s Satyam). In Vargam we would see Prithviraj’s character having negative shades initially, and no surprises here, the transformation of Prithviraj into a better cop.

Circle Inspector Solomon (Prithviraj) is a cop, and not a very good one at that. Make hay while the sun shines is his policy. He has no qualms about using his authority to amass wealth. He doesn’t think twice about teaming up with the marijuana growers of Idukki. He gets particularly close to Iritti Vavachan (Vijaya Raghavan) and becomes a key player in the latter’s growth. Ummachan (Devan) is another grower in the area and Vavachan’s sworn enemy. Their personal rivalry even sent reverberations across the political hierarchy.(Synopsis)

Director Padmakumar’s first movie was Ammakkilikoodu (released in 2003), which left us with mixed and confused feelings. We felt that Ammakkilikoodu started off well, but the twists and turns in the script brought down the movie. That movie’s screenplay was written by Renjith, who wrote blockbusters like Nandanam, Devasuram, Narasimham. Vargam is written by Padmakumar himself. This factor of unkown quality would decide the fate of the movie. We do not know any previous attempt by M.Padmakumar to write, hence is unsure about the movie’s performance.

Are the audience willing to taste another dose of Prithviraj’s donning police uniform after two previous not so succesful attempts? Among the new crop of actors only Pritviraj has the pesona to carry such a role, but attempting it often, given the previous results, might be an overkill.


  1. The review of Vargam mentions about Prithvi coming to age. The movie is said to be in par with Devasuram, the movie which had the best of Mohan lal’s larger than life characters!!

  2. Vargam and Devasuram? cough splutter.. a one ok performance by an upcoming actor versus a mind blowing performance by one of the Goliaths of Malayalam cinema ? a bit difficult to digest

  3. I have not seen the movie yet and I might not be seeing it till the next time I come to India.. Then I just had mentioned what has been told in the Sify review.. Yes, I have an excitement when someone praises Prithviraj and his movies, for I like him very much.. Mohan lal, Mammooty, Prem Nazeer, Sathyan marsh and Madhu did not become stars overnite… Give him time Prithvi will grow to become another Goliath in Malayalam cine world!!

  4. I saw Athirathram last night and Mohanlal’s peformance in that was really terrible – even in comedy scenes. It takes time for people to become Goliaths and currently Prithviraj is on that path.

  5. VC – This is not to diss Prithviraj but i was slighly taken aback by your comments on Lal in Athirathram

    His performance in Manjil Virinja Pookkal, his debut, saw him playing the cool tough villian whom you would want to hate, was brilliant for a new comer. You cannot just say that he was lucky because he got to act with the best directors Malayalm has seen liek Bharathan, Padmarajan etc.

    Prithviraj, IMHO has the physique to be a hero, compared to Kunchako, Jayasurya and for that matter even Dileep.

    Having said that and after watching him in Swapnakoodu, Ananthbhadram, Chakram and Vellithira I feel he hams a lot, which could prove his undoing. Also he better take care of his receding hairline soon else he would have to make use of a wig

  6. Another review from rediff!!!

    Can somebody who has seen the movie comment? Is it really worth a watch

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