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Review Roundup: Lanka



The other day Suresh Gopi burned his hands when a dynamite explosion hit him. No, we are not talking about what happened in the set of Rashtram, but in the film Lanka. The dynamite called Mamta Mohandas hit him and poor Suresh Gopi has been burned. We had predicted that Suresh Gopi’s Romantic Tiger avatar would backfire and that is exactly what happened. Here is a roundup of some reviews.

India Glitz writes

The director A.K.Sajan has tried to do something different, but eventually landed in making one of the most confused films in recent times, with no narrative flow. The film does not offer any cliche themes, scenes or story telling strategies, to its credit.

Mamta excels in her acts but also in her weary dresses has plenty of oomps and get to shoe off her tan in every alternate scenes,which also make this film less vulnerable for a home audience. It could have been a good storyline is wasted and all we are left to do is to bring in a dose of cold cynicism.

The Sify Review is more brutal

In the bleak and dark word of A.K.Sajan, the audience does not understand the going-on’s and this slapdash enterprise makes you groan. There are far too many continuity lags and question to be asked to the director- How did Lanka become blind? From where the hell did that child of Sravan suddenly appear? Suresh Gopi is a miscast as Sravan the Casanova which turns out to be a damp squib.

Mamta Mohandas looks vampish throughout with gaudy make-up. She overacts and grimaces as she tries to frighten the viewer. Roughly constructed and haphazardly shot with no continuity, it is technically one of the worst films in recent times. The producer has just taken some exterior shots of Sri Lanka, mostly a running train and matched it with the Udupi coastline and has shot the entire second half inside a bungalow that looks more like a resort.

Lanka will go down as one of the worst, insufferable movie of the millennium.

Franko Davis writes 

What role does the train play in the movie?
Where does Sraavan get his daughter from?
Who was his wife, who ditched him to elope with a younger guy?
Why does the heroine speak Tamil or Sinhalese to the hero and to her friends, but Malayalam to the hero’s friends?
How does Bekkal Fort of Kasargode come in Sri Lanka?
Does Sajan have any previous enmity with the producer?


  1. I guess this was expected right. Anyway just by seeing the promos I had made who is Ravan in the film so i understood the film aint good and will be a bore. I did think Mamta looked more like some villianess from a horror flick rather than a heroine(HUH Heroine!??) in this film. Now this makes sure I am not going to watch the movie and yeah are you gonna write a full review or only this much actually I wanted to know

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  4. Lanka – a waste of money and time.
    no continuity. even director seemed to be confused in between.he tried to make a cocktail juice blindly, without knowing about the ingredients.
    Suresh Gopi has got his image ruined. Mamta overacts at times. Efforts of cameraman could not be appreciated due the way movie directed.
    broken story line. A total waste.

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