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Navya Nair – Wide Range of Characters


As an actress Navya Nair got to play different types of characters in 2005 and for her efforts she won the 2005 Kerala State Award for Best Actress for Saira and Kanne Madanguka. In Saira she played the role of a TV Reporter who undergoes lot of trauma.

Orphaned as a result of violence that breaks out on account of a hartal, Saira is abused as a child. However, Saira manages to become a TV news reporter. As she happens to interview an absconding terrorist as part of her work, she becomes the target of the police. Then, amidst a communal flare-up, she is gang-raped. Her trauma does not end there. She is further summoned for interrogation by the police as a prime suspect in a terrorist-related case. Navya Nair has brilliantly portrayed Saira during different stages of her life – as the plucky journalist and as the helpless victim of rape and police harassment. [Caught in the crossfire]

In Kanne Madanguka she played the role of a girl who has to support her family following the disability of her father. Though the movie was too sentimental, it was appreciated for Navya’s performance.

In `Kanne Madanguka’ the director portrays the life of a couple (Murali-Shobha Mohan) whose sole aim in life is to educate their daughters, Karunya (Navya Nair) and Soumya (Baby Neeraja). An apparently well-meaning relative comes with an offer of a job for Karunya, which the family cannot refuse. While things start looking up for the family, the communication from the daughter peters off. The family is shell-shocked when the mother finds a striking similarity between the daughter and the girl behind the bars in a local police station.[ First time lucky]

Kerala, for all its indicators of high standards of living is one state where women are sexually exploited and such movies, alongwith Achanurangatha Veedu are a reflection of that fact. Sadly no distributor wants to take the risk and we may get to see this movie in some Film Festival or finally dumped in Doordarshan. If not for the awards, no one would have heard also about these movies.

As an actress we are happy to see Navya take on such serious roles, which definitely expands her range. In Tamil too, she is acting in offbeat films like Aadum Koothu and Amrutham. I mean how long can you do movies like Immini Nalloral and Kalyanaraman? Now besides doing Cheran’s Maya Kannadi in Tamil, Navya is also going to act in the Kannada remake of Pitamahan playing Laila’s role.


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