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Review Roundup: Achanurangatha Veedu


Salim Kumar won the Best Supporting Actor award in the 2005 Kerala State Awards for his portrayal of 50+ widower with three daughters in Achanurangatha Veedu. This film was directed by Lal Jose, who is known for making comedy movies with Dileep. Here is a roundup of the reviews:

Franko Davis writes:

The Director’s success lies in bringing such a sterling performance out of Salim Kumar, who hitherto had been known only for slapstick comedy that more often than not, bordered on the farcical. The performance of every one of the cast is commendable, but special mention must be made of new-find Mukta an eighth standard student at St. Augustine’s Higher Secondary School, Kothamangalam, who takes on the role of Lisamma. Murali puts in an excellent though subdued performance. Harisree Ashokan provides the comic element, but has a rather negative role. Samritha Sunil and Suja Karthika do justice to the roles of Lissamma’s elder sisters. Though youngsters Indrajith, Prithviraj and Madhu Warrier do well in the film, Salim Kumar steals the show.

MusicIndiaOnline writes:

Salim Kumar?s performance in the film is wonderful. In fact, he has made all the difference to the film. People expect something ridiculous from him but he has bowled everyone over by his splendid performance. It?s indeed a wise move to make him the protagonist. Murali has delivered some good dialogues and Pritviraj also has done his part well but Indrajith and Madhu Warrier are complete waste. Suja Karthika, Samvrutha and Muktha who play Usha?s daughter are all impressive. Bright future awaits 14-year-old Muktha.

Jo writes:

In between, I saw people applauding for some dialogues and that is a sure sign of humanity which isn?t completely vanished from the Malayali community. I?ve never seen people applauding for such a movie where there are no super heroes or super dialogues (as we call some dumo dialogues). And I think it is Lal Jose? brilliance to choose Saleem Kumar in the lead role, because the director didn?t have to compromise on the subject to adjust it to the likes of the actor. writes

Lal Jose is not only a committed director but one of the better story tellers in Malayalam. The entire story is based on the Suryanelli sex scandal which rocked Kerala a few years back. He has to be applauded for not showing a single sexual escapade scene on screen making it a good family film.

On the downside, the film is too melancholic and morbid for an average viewer. The negative ending makes the film too dark and foreboding. However with Salim Kumar?s best ever performance along with others makes the film realistic and bold. Among the cast it is Murali and the new girl Mukta who are extraordinary.


  1. Generally actors who are branded as comedians, are very good when it comes to portrayal of serious characters.. From the good old days, comedians like Adoor Bhasi, Bahadur, Alamoodan, Innocent, Jagadhi Sreekumar, Sreenivasan, Cochin Haneefa, Kalabhavan Mani and now Saleem Kumar have proved their mettle when it comes to playing good character roles.. It is not an easy job to make people laugh at your dialogues and facial expressions etc, with you having a straight face. And that is something that all the above actors have excelled in. Even Mallu acting stalwarts like Nedumudi Venu, Thilakan, Mohan lal, Jayaram do great jobs in comedies and they have time and again reiterated in their interviews that doing a serious scene is much easier than doing comedies.

    Comedienes like KPAC Lalitha, Philomina have also displayed their acting prowess in serious roles. Not only in Malayalam, but also in Tamil (Nagesh, Thengai Sreenivasan, Senthil, Vivek) and Hindi (Mehmood, Johnny Walker), comedians have enthralled the audience with their performance in character roles. The factor that the audience have no expectation on them also helps. So it is only the question of opportunity for all these comedian actors.

  2. It wa a movie which is needed in our time. Now as Thanmathra received the award and need not promoted anymore the film societies started discussing about this movie. (Which, in my opinion, should have happened earlier). There is a discussion on the movie tomorrow in Thrissur, heard that Lal Jose is also going to attend and the movie is going to be screened again as it was out of the theatres from some time now.

  3. I couldn’t. 🙁 I had to record an episode of M-Pod, so couldnt go there.

  4. Havent seen Achanurangaatha veedu but heard that its on par with , if not better than Thanmaathra. But its the bane of our society that a movie which has a better star value would succeed more than one with less star value, but better accomplished actors..

    I think the relatively less success of Thanmaathra and Achan Urangaatha veedu has to do with the taste of our audience coming down drastically from the 80’s and 90’s, when veteran directors like Bharathan, Padmarajan and Hariharan ruled . They made so many realistic movies in their days. Maybe because now a days people dont want to see movies with sad endings. The last tragic movie which was a hit probably was Desadanam ?

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  7. This is an interesting movie ..But Muktha role is good..There was originality in her acting. By seeing that movie all my family members cried a lot . Seeing the incidence happened to muktha it is a message to entire world that there are lot of people who want to exploit .

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