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If you are standing in Chennai’s ISO 9001 certified airport these days, you can see that passengers from most airlines arriving from Kerala are Malayali film actresses who are on their way to Kodambakkam. Amidst this exodus, it is refreshing to see a new Malayali actress acting in Malayalam movies.

The fresh face is Mamta Mohandas. Right now Mamta’s only claim to the history books is that she kissed Suresh Gopi or let’s say she is the first one who dared to do so. She is also a regular feature nowadays in gossip columns for being romantically involved with Suresh Gopi.

Mamta was launched by Hariharan in the movie Mayookham, a movie which helped no one but Mamta. Later we saw her as Mammooty’s sister in Bus Conductor. Her upcoming movies are Jayaraj’s one day wonder Adbhutham and the much awaited Lanka with Suresh Gopi.

Mamta Mohandas is an antithesis to a regular Malayali actress. She is slim, works out regularly and carries a treadmill along with her mom from set to set.

When she has the time, she loves to party and to shop. There are no restrictions on food for her, but she’s really careful about keeping fit and thin. “I carry the treadmill wherever I go and I do regular work outs. I smile, laugh and talk a lot to keep my metabolism rate high. But know something, I have been advised to put on some more weight, by some filmmakers,” she laughs. Mamta jokes that her kind of slim looks could start off a trend, “which has long been accepted everywhere else”, [Mamta Says]

We hope she would not succumb to popular demand for putting on weight and endup like Nayantara or Kavya. Mamta is also ready to do in Malayalam movies what other actresses of Malayali origin do beyond Walayar checkpost.

Originally from Kozhikode, she was brought up in Bahrain. When she started acting in movies she was a student at Mount Carmel College in Bangalore and was a model.

Mamta’s future movies are Keerthi Chakra with Mohanlal, directed by Major Ravi, and Khakhee with Prithviraj directed by Padmakumar. Another interesting upcoming movie is Rajasenan’s Madhuchandralekha where she dons a role of model opposite Jayaram.

Mamta says that she intend to act in other languages if she gets opportunities, which means we’ll have only Kavya left.


  1. It will not be long before producers and directors from other languages spot Mamta.. Lets hope that Kavya keeps her rotund figure intact, if not bloating more.. Else, we mallus might even lose her as well 😉 !!

  2. “Mamta Mohandas is an antithesis to a regular Malayali actress. She is slim, works out regularly and carries a treadmill along with her mom from set to set.”

    True. This could be because of her foreign upbringing, where people stress on fitness. In that sense, can we say that she’s a 100% malayali actress ?

    As Unnikrishnan said, considering the Tamil producers’ affinity towards Mallu girls, its only a matter of time before she switches over to Kollywood where money is more. All the more because she does not seem to have much inhibitions in shedding clothes

  3. I watched Lanka and i felt that she has great acting capabilities. Infact she’s as good as Shobana in Manichithrathaazhu or Manju. And i should admit that she looks great in all outfits and mind you, douesn’t look a bit vulgar.

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  5. well….I watched an interview with Mamta the other day on Asianet and Asianet plus.. seems like shes really pretty, talented & also have a good voice…What comes to my mind was while i was listening to her interview is that she thinks by shedding her clothes by getting attention from the tamil movies and hindi may be…she should show her talent first in acting other she will be degrading as a glamour girl other than a good actress. May be she is trying to get into bollywood by shedding off her clothes..

    I cant compare with her actress like Asin who went other languages. shes got talent and she proved by shedding her clothes not the only way to get into other languages..

  6. She is pretty, but it was vulgar in lanka, have seen her Bus Conductor only which didnt have her to act much. And going by the song, pls dont compare her to Shobana or manju, she is no where near them……

  7. I also happened to see her in MG Sreekumar’s SarigamaPa in Asianet.

    She appeared to be not just a bimbo. She’s got a good voice and she didnt sound too dumb. And she spoke good malayalam..unlike “korchu korchu mallyalum” spoken by some channel VJ’s

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  9. Please don’t compare her with Shobana! They aren’t in the same league at all.

  10. wow, the weirdest thing. i went to high school with her. I didnt even know she was famous. Apparently so. Well, apparently she has her fans! Shes the sweetest girl ever. good for her.

  11. Arvind,

    Now your school photos with her are really valuable 🙂 You could also write an article for us, “My memories of Mamta”.. just kidding..

  12. She is really a good actress. A new face to watch out for the future. She has talent. She is frank. I liked all the roles she has done so far. God Bless her.

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