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Priyadarshan’s Rameshan Nair syndrome



“Waking Ned Devine” opens with the news that someone in the Irish hamlet of Tullymore (population 53–uh, 52) has won the National Lottery. Who could it be? The locals, who have lived in one another’s pockets for years, snoop and gossip, and seize upon the slightest deviation from habit as proof that someone expects a windfall. But there are no leads, and finally in desperation a chicken supper is held, at which the winner will perhaps be revealed. No luck.

But one person doesn’t attend the dinner: Ned Devine. Alas, since Ned Devine is dead, the money will be recycled back into the kitty for next week’s drawing.Right? Not on your life.

Jackie and Michael hatch a plan to fool the visiting official from Dublin, who after all has never laid eyes on Ned in his life (few have, outside of Tullymore). Michael will impersonate Ned. The whole town will of course have to be in on the scheme, and so Jackie and Michael draw up an agreement in which their friends and neighbors will join in the deception and share in the prize. [Waking Ned Devine]

That was the review of the British film, Waking Ned Divine. Now here are snippets from Priyadarshan’s interview on his new movie Malamaal Weekly

In the film, Paresh Rawal is the one who has sold the ticket and he knows that one is the winning ticket. So he is trying to find out where the ticket is. So he has a party in the house with a nautanki. The idea is to check everybody’s ticket. The nautanki is a part of the party.

Paresh and Om Puri have an equal role in the film. Both of them are trying to cheat a lottery company. The whole village is holding a secret. The movie revolves around a chain of events. The end of the film is a full slapstick change. I’m sure that anybody who loves a cartoon will love this film. [‘I’ve to say a big sorry to Salman, I let him down’]

In the movie Thanmatra, the character Rameshan Nair, played by Mohanlal catches Alzheimer’s disease and starts forgetting common things. In Kerala this syndrome is now known as Rameshan Nair syndrome.

In the interview Priyadarshan adds that this movie is not a remake like most of his other Hindi movies. He has forgotten to mention the inspiration from England, like how he forgot to mention how Vandanam was inspired by Stakeout or Kakkakuyil was inspired by A Fish called Wanda. Seems like Priyadarshan too has got the Rameshan Nair syndrome.


  1. A friend who used to rent LDs from Chennai in the old days said most of the Hollywood hits were rented by Priyadarshan at that time from the shops. That explains everything. 🙂

  2. Well said, guys!
    I also thought high of Priyan when he said this is not a copy…but now, he how can one change so quickly?..Lottery jo lagne wali hei..!

  3. Plagiarism is everywhere. Priyan is no exception either. Almost all of his malayalam hits were lifts from hollywood flicks..Mithunam is probably the only one which is original. However customising a hollywood script to suit the audiences’ tastes is the litmus test for any director. If it were that easy, all “inspired” movies would have been run-away hits. And it is in that he has succeeded.

    Lets give him credit where it is due. He has made some reputation as a very good director in Bollywood. And its not B grade or C grade actors who act in his movies. They are the most happening actors in Bollywood. Let us be proud of the fact that a Malayali has made brought laurels to us in Bollywood.

  4. Unni, you are just being too humble… I accept that he has created a niche for himself in Bollywood.. But here is one guy who had made a lot of hit movies in Malayalam and Hindi, but none of them were his original idea.. All those stories were lifted from Hollywood or the other Indian contemporary film industries.. He has never given the original its due… It is like taking one’s child without their knowledge, dress up like his own and also call that his child!! And now he is saying that he is not going to do Malayalam movies for some time and planning on a hollywood movie!! God, give us a break!!

  5. “Plagiarism is everywhere” – Unni, that is not a good excuse.

  6. Not trying to defend Priyan, guys.

    I am sure a lot of us are thankful to him for giving such wholesome entertainers – comedies – slapstick yes – but nonetheless enjoyable.
    What if none of his movies are originial – I for one enjoyed watching all his movies – Poochakkoru Mookkuthy, Kilukkam, Boeing Boeing etc. A lot of us would watch these comedies again and again, without boredom. However the same cannot be said about the crass formula comedies being made now, which cannot be watched more than once.

    As somebody said even the “great” blessy has been inspired by Iris – the hollywood movie.

    Other than probably a few Indian directors – the number whom you count with one hand – I doubt if we have seen any ORIGINAL commercial movie makers. OK we have Aravindan, Adoor , Ray etc. But making movies for the masses is a totally different ballgame.

    Again – not defending plagiarism.

  7. 1. We agree with you regarding Priyadarsan’s movies. They are wastly entertaining than most other comedy movies. Priyadarsan movies also have good songs and excellent visualizations of those songs.

    2. We think it is premature to call Blessy “great”. He has just two movies and one of them is “plagarised”. For us to accept someone to be great, he should show his skill in making movies of different genres.

    3. There are original movie makers like Hariharan, Padmarajan, Bharatan, Lohithadas, Sibi Malayil, Fazil, Sathyan Anthikkad etc in Malayalam. They have found the fine balance between art and commercial success. So it is not just Adoor, Aravindan and Ray.

  8. VC – Thanks for the comments. There is a reason why I did not mention any of the directors such as Padmarajan, Bharathan, Sathyan Anthicaud etc.

    I have seen many of their movies, but havent seen enough Hollywood movies to say for sure, whether these people have been inspired as well. For ex: Nadodikattu, Pattana Pravesham seems to have been inspired from the Pink Panther series. A friend of mine, who swears by Hollywood, gave me this information. Even Achu-inte Amma has a loose inspiration from some Hollywood movie about 2 women. I forget the name.

    As for Padmarajan and Bharathan, they are greats but then as I said I havent watched enough Hollywood flicks to comment on their originality.

    Blessy has so far taken 2 movies – but the only commonality between the two are sentiments – stories are different. But yes, far from being called a great – on the path of greatnes – yes

  9. Unni, I saw Pink Panther just a few days back again. Connecting that and Nadodikattu is a great leap of imagination.

    I have watched enough Hollywood movies to say that most of the movies by those directors are original.

  10. Well VC – Regarding Pink Panther, there was a specific scene which my friend mentioned which had a lot of similarity – movie was Pattana Pravesham where Lal and Sreeni get into the house and atatck Mala thinking he is a culprit. Is there a similar scene in Pink Panther

  11. Unni, there are simlar scenes in many Italian movies as well older English movies. Most Roberto Benigni movies are like that. Just having one scene in common does not convince me.

    Stories like Dasharatham, Bharatham, Amaram, 1921, Anubandham, Sargam, and Vadakkan Veeragatha are very unique and their directors and script writers are great in my opinion.

  12. No more remakes!! says Priyadarshan.. He goes to a level of awarding prize money to anyone who will catch him making remakes and he also goes all out to say that Malamaal weekly is an original.. So who amongst us want some prize money??

  13. Unnikrishnan, We are more than happy to collect this on behalf of all those film maker’s whose intellectual rights Priyadarshan has violated.

  14. Hey VC do collect it atleast then he will understand the true meaning of Plagiarism. I am a great fan of his films but when you are copying or being “inspired atlease it should be mentioned. Its like copying the same stuff of your blog and putting it on to your blog eithout even crediting the author. This is why i hate when someone copies and cant admit(A M is the best example)

  15. and to add to that Priyan has said, Malamaal would be remade in Malayalam!!!!

  16. I guess Priyadarshan will take his ignorance and plagiarism to next level by making it into malayalam.

  17. Good stuff…I guess you guys should let media biggies about it… 😉 May be some comment in review on some newspaper site or may be IMDB site…

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  19. Here is a list of Malayalam movies and their sources:

    1.Odarutammaava Aalariyaam -> Hrishikesh Mukherji’s “Chashm- E- Baddoor ”

    2.Kilukkam – loosely inspired from “Roman Holiday”

    3.Kakkakkuyil – “a fish called wanda”
    4.Life is beautiful -loosely from” Dead Poets society”
    5.Kaalapani – “Papillone”
    6.Vandanam – “Stake Out”
    7.Chandralekha – “While you were sleeping”
    8.Taalavattam – One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
    9.Maannar Mathai Speaking – the thread and some scenes are copied from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”.
    10.Vettam – “Pyar tho hona hi tha” which in turn is copied from “French Kiss”.
    11.Turuppu Gulaan – loosely copied from “Dulhe Raja”
    12. Vadakkunnaathan – Can’t be said copied but surely drawn inspiration from “The beautiful Mind”.
    13.Kisaan – Partly “Victory” and hence “Lagaan”.
    14.Chidambaram – “Days of Mathews”

    the list goes on…

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