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Preview: Kilukkam Kilukilukkam



Priyadarshan‘s Kilukkam introduced us to a host of memorable characters and made some dialogues part of popular culture. We still remember Joji, Nischal, Nandini, Kitunni and Judge Nambiar with fondness. Jojiyum njanum adichu pirinju, jhagada, jhagada and the lengthy dialogue that Kitunni tells Judge Nambiar after he thinks he won the lottery were told by us many many times.

After 16 years a sequel to this movie is getting released titled Kilukkam Kilukilukkam starring Jayasurya, Kunchako Boben and Kavya Madhavan. Besides these new faces, the old faces, Mohanlal, Innocent, Jagathi Sreekumar and Sharath Saxena make an appearance. Director Priyadarshan also makes a cameo in the movie.

Royichan (Kunjakko Bobban) and friend Appachan (Salim Kumar) run a travel agency in Kochi. Krishnadas (Vijayaraghavan), the Mayor of Cochin is murdered. His daughter Chandini (Kavya Madhavan) goes missing. The needle of suspicion falls on Royichan and Appachan who shift to Ootty to escape the police dragnet.

Balu (Jayasurya) and Ponnappan (Harisree Ashokan) are victims of a visa racket who, attracted by the reward offered for finding a lost kid, also land up in Ootty. Through a series of adventures and misadventures, they finally team up with Nischal and Kittunni, and with Joji, who has flown in specially from Germany to trace the missing Chandini. [Synopsis]

The screenplay is by Sibi K. Thomas and Udaykrishna of Dileep’s team and the movie is directed by Sandhya Mohan. The positive part of this movie is that the script is being written by two writers who know comedy. The negative part is that they are good for writing comedy for Dileep.

We are a bit sceptic about the cast, especially Kunchako Boban ever since we saw his poor attempt in comedy in Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka. Jayasurya is still not a top comedy actor in our list for he was good in Swapakoodu and bad in Pulival Kalyanam and Immini Nalloral.

The movie also has the comedy actors who are capable of bringing down the quality of any film, like Salim Kumar, Harisri Asokan and Cochin Haneefa. Except for the CBI series, most sequels have flopped since it is difficult to keep up to the standard of the original. Sandhya Mohan is no Priyadarshan and we are skeptic about the success of this movie.


  1. The film’s going to be a tragedy, considering the cast and of course, the synopsis.

    Also, I felt “Narendran Makan…” is a bad example here. Kunchakko has his share of comedy movies, for us to pick an example here, but I don’t think his role attempted “comedy” in that movie.

  2. The release of the film has been delayed because of censor issues. A horse has been used in the film and now the censor board has asked for an approval from PETA and now the release of the movie depends on PETA. Now either PETA has to approve the scene or the director has to chop of that scene!! A word of caution to all film makers, look out for any animals in your movies, even the head of an ant in the corner of your movie will require you to either re-shoot the scene or you will have to cool your heals in the offices of PETA!!

    News Courtesy :

  3. Guys,

    I see that you have taken my comment out. Thats too bad.

    I really didnt like the way you expressed what you wanted to say:

    The movie also has the comedy actors who are capable of bringing down the quality of any film, like Salim Kumar, Harisri Asokan and Cochin Haneefa

    That is not true, friends!


  4. Rajeev,

    You have the right to express your opinion, but please let us know how the comedy dished out by cochin Haneefa, Saleem Kumar and Harisri Asokan would elevate the standard of a movie.

    As a policy, we at VC like detailed explanations rather than one liner blurbs.

  5. True, VC.
    It might be just difference of opinions.. I do think that all the three are great actors…long before Harishree Asokan became famous as a comedy actor, he acted in a telefilm, doing a “buji” kind of serious role.

    Kochin Haneefa – how can he bring down the quality of a movie? Punjabi House’s success is enough for to prove his comic talents. You love him in this movie and you would hate him hard in Mahaanadi (Kamal movie).

    Saleem – well as your latest entry says, he has proved his might. I like his comedy and I dont think he would bring down the quality of any movie. I liked him in Kalyana Raaman. His face and his “Thoppumpady” (a place in Kochi) slang are his assets. By the way, I am from Trivandrum (Thirontharam!)

    Levan Puliyaanu Ketta!

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  7. Review of Kilukkam Kikilukkam

    As expected ,its not even a sequel..its a horrible remake of the original. But then that was expected

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  9. i like to see malayalam cinema’s because of Kavya Madhavan

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