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Gopika – back in Malayalam … for now!

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Gopika made her debut in Vinayan’s Pranayamanithooval opposite Jayasurya and Vineet Kumar and the story of how she was selected is one historians will sing for long time.

Thulasidas was on the look out for a suitable face to do the role of Meera in Pranayamanithooval. He tried many new faces, only to be disappointed and even approached some established stars, who however were busy. It was at this time, just before shoot was to begin, that a photographer brought him the photograph of a young girl. The face seemed made for the role of Meera. Anyhow Thulasidas did not make a final decision. At night, Thulasidas’ wife called from home saying that there was a photograph in a weekly and it looked like that girl might fit the role. Thulasidas checked it up and found that it was the same girl whose photo he had seen that day.[Pranayamanithooval’: Thulasidas’s latest film]

She went unnoticed for a while and then 4 The People happened. She became famous as the girl who danced for Lajjavatiye. The like all Malayali actresses, she moved to Tamil and did a good roles in Autograph and Kana Kandein. Those scenes in Kana Kandein were an abberation and they will never happen again according to Gopika.

“Why do you want to belittle an actress? I am not in favor of glamour roles. I am very firm about that. My body is not public property for people to feast their eyes on. [Gopika swears not to expose]

Then like Nayantara she too moved to Telugu and did Naa Autograph and Letha Manasulu, but they did not work the box office magic. She did not have many films after that and was offered to appear in an item number in an Ajit movie. She refused that and appeared along with Dileep in Chanthupottu.

Gopika’s upcoming movie is Kamal’s Pachakuthira starring Dileep.

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