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Sometimes we see actors trying to get out their current image in search of box office success. A classic example of this is Mammootty. Earlier in his career he had acted in scores of family sob stories like Sandharbham where he always had Baby Shalini as his daughter (According to Shalini, the pattern is Benz car, briefcase, Shalini and Mammotty).

There is a limit to how many times such patterns can be repeated (actual number is 42), and he was at the end of the road. Then came Joshi’s New Delhi and he never looked back.

Suresh “Ormayundo Ee Mukham” Gopi is facing a similar dilemma. The name Suresh Gopi conjures up images of khakhi clad gun toting Suresh Gopi mouthing dialogues in 3 different languages one after the other killing people instantly with words instead of bullets. A Suresh Gopi movie natually implies yet another Police story.

To break out of this vicious circle, for the upcoming movie Lanka, Suresh Gopi and his team are trying a new stunt (not literally). They leaked information that Suresh Gopi is romantically linked to leading lady of the movie – Mamta Mohandas. She had previously acted as Suresh Gopi’s heroine in Jayaraj’s Atbhutam

We see this as an attempt to get people to theatres. Suresh Gopi and Mamta’s recent interviews were equally provocative.

“My character, a marine captain, is a womaniser. The climax of the movie is simply mind-boggling,” Suresh Gopi says.

Mamta Mohandas claims that she crossed Lakshman Rekha in Lanka

Though she had set down her terms with regard to wearing glamorous clothes, she has had to cross the Lakshman Rekha in the movie, “because the role demanded it. I have done justice to the role and I know I will have to answer a lot of questions when the movie is released,” Mamata says.

And final gem from Director A.K.Sajan:

A smooch scene has been included in the movie, says Sajan.

This kind of publicity might bring in lot of initial crowd, but the family audience might stay away from this, as we know Malayalee families don’t like to see skin in Malayalam movies. It is not just Mamta Mohandas who is exposing in the movie. Suresh Gopi is seen in the visuals displaying his torso.

The geniuses behind this ploy must be calculating that such news leaks would get public into theatre initially and after that movie would run own its own steam. What if this ploy back fires? What if Lanka is bad movie? We don’t think that public would flock into theathres just to see middle aged, over the hill Suresh Gopi kissing a 20 something Mamta.


  1. Ewww! You could have edited the photo a bit. I did not expect to see the chest of a bear.

  2. Its high time these thanthamaar replaced by the youngsters. Mr. Gopi in this pic looks like a mallu porn movie hero. Gwaah!!

  3. Jo,

    This is not over, we’ll soon see Mammootty romancing Ms.Kaif in Balram Vs.Taradas.

  4. Vishnu, We should have added the following before the pictures.

    WARNING: Some readers may find the following images distressing or offensive.

  5. VC – the pictures sorry to say, look REPULSIVE. I dont know what Sajan’s intentions are. I am also wondering why Suresh Gopi of all people agreed to do such intimate scenes. Is he that desparate to cling on to his stardom?

    We all watched his interview in Indiavision, where he was almost in tears and said that he was struggling to make ends meet when he was out of films the past 3-4 years. We can also understand his signing action movies left right and centre. But why did he agree to such a movie.

    Having said that this movie may still prove to be a hit as its in our blood to throng to such semi-porn movies

  6. For all those lion hearted people who wanted to see Mamooty romancing Katrina Kaif after having seen Suresh gopi romancing Mamta, here is the link to the gallery of Balram Vs Tharadas. But got to accept, Mamooty is still looks a handsome middleaged man, much younger than his real age.

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  9. This movie in a single word is—- atrocious… Why on earth did suresh gopi did this…. Mr gopi would have been in extreeeeme financial crisis to sign such a  movie…Mamta has tried to expose so much,but there is hardly any sensuality to her or her moves…There is no definite storyline,and the one song people had been eagerly waiting(kadalezhum) is included as the title song at the end of the movie….I wouldnt be surprised if this turns out to be one of the biggest flops of mallu movie history…

  10. I think its high time our 50 year old heroes stopped romancing 20-ish heroines.

    First Suresh Gopi in Lanka. Mammotty in Balram vs Tharadas. Now Lal in Rasathanthram

    Look at these snaps of Mammotty romancing with Katrina in Dubai. Weird!!!!!!

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  12. Unni,
    Mammootty looks weird in his heirdo.

    It’s high time that our leading heroes chose roles and heroines appropriate to their age.

  13. robinhood,

    Early reviews are out and they do agree with your assesment. This might prove disastrous for Suresh Gopi’s comeback attempt.

  14. Poor old Suresh Gopi he has fallen flat for the young chick Mamta….he now has a case of bird flu!! When is the old man going to realise Mamta is only using him to climb the ladder. She does not know that the ladder is on the wrong wall.LOLLOL

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