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In Malayalam movie industry we have seen certain combinations/teams being succesful. Usually these combinations are made of Hero/Heroine or Director/Actor pairs like Prem Nazir/Sheela, Joshi/Mammootty, Priyadarshan/Mohanlal, Shaji Kailas/Suresh Gopi and Rajasenan/Jayaram.

Dileep, is a totally different case in the sense that he likes to repeat his team of screen play writers, Uday Krishna and Siby K Thomas. In the last few years Dileep has worked with a number of directors, but most of his movies had these duo as the writers. Their successful movies include Lion (2006), Kochi Rajavu (2005), Vettam (2004), Runway (2004) and C.I.D. Moosa (2003)

We think that as an actor Dileep is aware of his limitations and strengths. He is aware of the competition around him in the form of actors with formidable screen presence like Mammootty, Mohanlal, and Suresh Gopi . His growth from a mimicry artist to a financially successful hero is the result of careful planning and marketing. For example the movie C.I.D Moosa (Dilip’s Home production), which can easily be classified as cartoon, became a major hit because of Dileep’s shrewd marketing strategies.

Dileep has realised that for his movies to be success, they must have a dash of humor. Writers Uday and Siby are good at writing Dilip’s brand of humour and hence the decision to market himself as a package. Now the producers just have to get a director and Dileep comes in with his team. Most of the Priyadarshan movies are written by Srinivasan or Priyan himself, but for Vettam it was Dileep’s team.

In the case of Lion, they had the option of outdoing Ranji Panikkar’s style or to mould it in Dilip’s style. They opted for the latter and result is success. The upcoming movie of this trio is Chess and emboldened by Lion‘s success we foresee Dileep’s team writing horror films, action thrillers, historicals and tragedy films, all with a touch of humor.

We are left wondering if Dilip would extend this concept to other areas of film making. What if he decides to add the cinematographer he likes permanently to his team or song writers, or music directors. Since Kavya Madhavan is his lucky heroine, he could add her to the package too. Finally Dileep would be like a margin free movie super market.

One thing we are sure of is that Dilip won’t be able to add audience to his team. Audience are a team on their own, and they accept or reject Dileep’s movies en masse.


  1. As said, common factors in most of Dileeps movies are(Sibi and Udayan, Kavya Madhavan, Harisree Asokan and Salim Kumar).

    As a spectator of malayam films, the (supposed) comedy churned out by Dileep’s cronies has become extremely cliched. One is reminded of the scene in Udayanaanu Thaaram where, Udayan fights in vain, with some script-writers (bearing a resemblance to this scripter duo team – they write all scripts for Saroj kumar), insisting on changing the script to suit the hero’s image.

    Writing scripts sprinkled with comedy is an art. The best examples of this are Sreenivasan/Sathyan Anthikad and to an extent Priyadarshan. I dont know how many people would remeber the comedy(mimicry rather) of any of Dileep’s movies in maybe 20 years. Compare it to a film like Vadakkumnokkiyanthram/TP Balagopalan MA, which even after close to 20 years when broadcast on the satellite channels, makes us laugh and be nostalgic of “those” years.

    Having said all that, it is money and money alone that drives Malluwood these days. Any script writer/s for that matter wants to help the producer recover his money and in rare cases make a decent profit.

  2. It is unfair to tag only Dileep this way. What about the actors like Mohan Lal? Priyadrashan, Jagathy, Jagdish, Manian Pillai Raju etc in the actors line and M.G. Sreekumar being his permanent singer — Why is this not seen?

    I think Mamootty is the only actor in the mainstream who do not keep a team of his own.

    I agree to the last part — One thing we are sure of is that Dilip won’t be able to add audience to his team. Audience are a team on their own, and they accept or reject Dileep’s movies en masse.

    And I hope Varnachitram won’t go for the biased reviews.

  3. Jo,

    As we mentioned in the first para, there are various teams in existence, but only Dileep keeps script writers as part of the team. Our focus was on that aspect of the team.

    Regarding the bias of varnachitram, we like to think of ourselves as equal opportunity offenders.

    Watch this space closely .

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  7. Dileep has been a success because his movies bring a sense of comfort to the average middle-class family. After all laughter is the best medicine. The average viewer could care less about art and film-making. They need something that would entertain them, so that they could forgot about the real problems in their lives. Dileep to the Malayali audience is what Charlie Chaplin was to the Americans during the teens, 20s, and 30s. Kerala is too developed with the whole mutliplex system as in Hindi cinema and other western countries. That’s why movies like City of God aren’t doing well. The people in the industry should figure this out to get those niche audience. Dileep is doing his job and people seem to be accepting it.

    If Adam Sandler and the Coen Brothers could co-exist in Hollywood. It should be possible in Malayalam cinema as well.

  8. ***Correction: Kerala is NOT too developed with the whole mutliplex system as in Hindi cinema and other western countries. T

  9. dilip s a very gud strategist..i believe he is the ,ost intelligent actor in the industry now….he knows his strenghths and limitations…

    multiplex culture is a hit in kochi…well,then abt city of god,the makers dint market the movie that well…and above all,it was an extremely boring movie which requires great level of patience to sit thru

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