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Score Card – 1


Who is up and who is down. The score card keeps track of it for you.

narrow Mohanlal – Tanmatra got him the award. Now only thing he needs is consistent hits.
narrow Mammootty – Taradas got scared by Lion. Will appear only in March.
uarrow Dileep – Lion roars all the way from New Zealand to the box office. Fortunately this Lion was not a cross dresser.
uarrow Navya Nair – Award for performance in Saira and Kanne Madanguka
darrow Saira – Still no takers for release. We are jealous of the jury members who got to see it.
uarrow Jayaram – Lost in Tamil. Found as the hero in Lohithadas’s new Malayalam movie.
narrow Lohithadas – Looking at the map to find the way to Kerala after unsuccessful attempts in Tamil


  1. I dont think Tharadas got scared. Its just the “back-door” games between the AMMA members -Dileep and Mammootty.

  2. This being a blog about malayalam movies, can I ask for your opinion/if possible review on Adoor Gopalakrishnn’s Nizhal Kuthu? Thank you very much!

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