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2005 – Music


K J Yesudas K S Chitra

As usual Malayalam Cinema produced good music in 2005 and we have a brief review of what was worth listening. We also talk about each singer’s best work, the best films and the best music directors.

We believe that Yesudas and Chitra are God’s gift to mankind and so let’s start with them. Yesudas had a wonderful year with excellent songs in Chandrolsavam, Vadakkumnathan, Ananthabhadram, Naran and Udayananu Tharam.. The specific songs were Muttathethum Thennale (Chandrolsavam), Oru Kili Paatu (Vadakkum nathan), Thumbikinnaram (Naran), Thiranurayum (Ananthabhadram), Parayathey Ariyathey (Udayananu Tharam).

Chitra had only a few good songs last year and the ones we liked were Minnadi Minnadi (Naran), Oru Kili Paatu (Vadakkum Nathan), Kalabham Tharam (Vadakkum Nathan)

Our next favourite singer is Sujatha and she too like Chitra had only a few songs we liked, like Munthiripadam (Kochi Rajavu) and Panchayathilu (Pandipada). Among the upcoming singers we like Madhu Balakrishnan’s voice and liked only Kinavil Vannu Nee from Manju Peyyum Munpe

S. Janaki came back with one beautiful song Azhakkadalinte for the film Chanthupottu.. Parasurama once took a vow to cleanse the world of all Kshatriyas and similary Udit Narayan has taken a vow to butcher all South Indian languages. He did Malayalam with the song Munthiripadam (Kochi Rajavu)

All the nasal singers, MG Sreekumar, Afsal and Vineeth Srinivasan had some songs. MG’s good songs were Pinakkamano (Ananthabhadram), Vel Muruga (Naran), Mindathedi (Thanmatra) and Afsal had Panchayathilu (Pandipada). Vineeth Srinivasan made some background noise for the film Naran, but his noticeable song was Omanapuzha for Chanthupottu. Another nasal singer Pradeep made his debut with Pandimelam from the super hit film Rajamanikyam

Jayachandran had some excellent songs like Amma Manassu (Rapakal), Araarum (Chandrolsavum), Ithaloorna (Thanmatra). The one song wonders were Gayatri with Thumbikinnaram (Naran), Kalabhavan Mani with Malamallalooya (Ananthabhadram), Manjari with Pinakkamano (Ananthabhadram), Karthik and Meenu with Mele Vellithinkal (Thanmatra), and Sruthi with Mindathedi ((Thanmatra)

Our favourite music director Raveendran had only one film, Vadakkum Nathan and it had some good songs. Our other favourite music directors Vidyasagar had hits in Chanthupottu., Chandrolsavum and Kochi Rajavu. His music for the film Alice in Wonderland did not impress us at all. Our third favourite music director, Deepak Dev, had hits in Ben Johnson, but we did not like any of the songs including the most popular one Sona Sona.

Excellent music was provided by two music directors M G Radhakrishnan and Mohan Sithara. M G Radhakrishnan had a hit in Ananthabhadram and Mohan Sithara did good music for Thanmatra and Rapakal

Ousepachan, who is an excellent violinist had a disappointing year with Police, Udayon and Thaskaraveeran. Only the song Angethala (Udayon) was worth listening. It was the same with M. Jayachandran who provided music for Bus Conductor, Sankar Dada, Paranju Theeratha Viseshangal but impressed us with the one song Omane in Vinayan’s Boyy Friend.

Alex Paul had a good song in Rajamanikyam. The folks who disappointed us include Suresh Peters (Pandipada), Illayaraja (Achuvinte Amma), Benny Johnson (Five Fingers), Alphonse Joseph (Iruvattam Manavatti) and Thej (Manikkan)

Finally to summarize, the movies we liked most are Thanmatra, Naran, Chanthupottu., Ananthabhadram, Vadakkum Nathan and Rapakal

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  1. No news about state awards on ur blog strange anyways Ananthabhadram’s songs were the ones i liked the most

  2. karthik,

    the post is coming up.

  3. Excellent singing by Yesudas in Ananthabhadram – Thiranurayum and Udayanaanu Thaatam – Parayathe Ariyathe

  4. I have not heard all the songs from Achuvinte Amma, but the song Enthuparanjalum Nee enteythalley vaavey was excellent. So did Illayaraja disappoint really?

  5. Unnikrishnan,

    That song was sort of ok, but did not impress us very much

    Two songs which we inadvertently left out were, Mayangi Poyi and Pacha Panam Thatte from Nottam.

  6. First things first. 🙂 I liked the template and its colors very much!

    Now coming to the music part, yes in the year 2005, we had a lot of nice songs and music directors like M. Jayachandran produced some good songs. Another change is Mohan Sitara is doing some very nice works in between. Like Raapakal and Thanmaathra.

  7. Guys, I heard the songs from Nottam only yesterday from Jo’s blog.. I heard his version of Pacha panam thathey first and I liked it very much.. I just heard the original version and the whole album is too good.. It gives the nostalgia of good old times of Malayalam movies and their songs.. Dasettan’s song is the highlight… Its great!!

  8. Unnikrishnan: They are really beautiful songs. Somehow the tune for Pacha Panam Thathe seems familiar. Is it some old Hindi film tune?

  9. Madhu Balakrishnan, I find him very nasal moreover if you hear all of his song, he seemsto be deliberately attempting to sound like KJY (listen to his song in Bus Conductor, Manathey). He has no classical background, well that is not an issue since most of today’s lot have no such background. But I do not rate him to anywhere near or far of KJY and SPB. He is just like that fast food kind of singer.

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