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2005 – Kerala State Awards



Kerala State Film Awards for 2005 has been announced by a jury with Sibi Malayil as the chairman

(Click here to see 2006 Kerala State Film Awards)

Category Winner
Best Film Thanmatra
Best Director Blessy
Best Actor Mohanlal (Thanmatra)
Best Actress Navya Nair (Saira, Kanne Madanguga)
Acting – Special Mention by Jury Dilip (Chanthupottu)
Best Actor(Runner Up) Salim Kumar (Achanurangatha Veedu)
Best Actress(Runner Up) Bhavana (Daivanamathil)
Best Film (Runner Up) Achanurangatha Veedu
Popular Movie Achuvinte Amma
Best Screenplay Blessy (Thanmatra)
Best Story Aryadan Shoukath (Daivanamathil)
Best Song Writer Ponkunnam Damodaran (Nottam)
Best Music Director M.G.Radhakrishnan (Ananthabadram – Thira…)
Best Male Singer M.Jayachandran (Nottam – Melle Melle…)
Best Female Singer K.S.Chitra (Nottam – Mayangipoyi …)
Best Background score Ramesh Narayanan
Best Editing Sreekar Prasad (Ananthabadram)
Best Cinematography Santosh Sivan (Ananthabadram)
Best Debut Director Roshan Andrews (Udayananu Tharam)
Best Child Actor Baby Neeraja (Kanne Madanguga)
Best Art Direction Sunil Babu (Ananthabadram)
Best Dubbing artist Sarath Das, Surya S Nair (Achuvinte Amma)
Best Sound Recording Ajith George (Adbutha Dweep)
Best Dance Direction Vrinda (Udayananu Tharam)
Best Lab Gemini Color Lab
Best Makeup Artist Pattanam Rasheed (Ananthabadram)
Best Costume Design M.P.Satheesh (Adbutha Dweep)
Best Short Film Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair(by Adoor Gopalakrishnan)
Best Book on Cinema Cinemayum Samskaravum (K.Gopinathan )
Special Jury Mention Arjunlal (Thanmatra)
Special Jury Mention Ajayan (Adbutha Dweep)
P.K.Pillai Award for Best Cinema Essay P.S.Radhakrishnan
Best Cinema Essay Classicugal Komali Nadakangal Avunathu(Vijayakrishnan)


  1. Salim Kumar was the best choice for the Best Actor award, not Mohanlal.

  2. Nice work the perfect list anyways the most…. wat shud i say deserving awards were the best actor and film award it was really a very good film. Also how a comic role doing Salim kumar did the role of serious dad in Achanurangatha Veedu was awesome

  3. I second Sreejith’s comments.. Mohan Lal is an established actor and a person who has done a lot of movies and has given a vareity of characters. So when comparing the role of Mohan Lal in Tanmatra to his earlier roles, this is not his best. But Salimkumar, who is an artist who does more comedian roles and has always been a part of the band of comedians in Dilip’s movies, to do a serious role like that and being realistic enough deserves the Best actor award. The state must look out to encourage realistic actors like Salim than sing hosannas to Mammooty and Mohan lal..

  4. Looks like this is replay of Kalabhavan Mani Vs. Mohanlal award controversy which happened few years back – Did Salim Kumar faint?

  5. Sorry, I don’t get it. Just because a comic actor has played a serious role, he should get an award? Shouldn’t the question be around the performances, rather than the background of the actors?

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  15. manoj k jayan deserved the best actor award or the second best actor award…just because a comedian like Salim Kumar does a serious role it does not mean that you have to give award to him!

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