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Review – Vesham

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We have lost count of how many All Sacrificing BrotherTM (ASB) movies we have seen, this must be Malayalees answer to Bollywoods Jai-Vijay twins separated at birth type of movies. And with the moderate success of Vesham, it seems that Malayalees still has appetite for these type of movies.

Pappan(Innocent) was a porter in Calicut market but went on to build a huge business empire and some enemies. His arch enemy is Sivankutty Menon(Sai Kumar) son of Pappan’s erstwhile partner and benefactor. Sivankutty is jealous of Pappan’s wealth and thinks that it should belong to him and vows to destroy Pappan and family.

Pappan’s eldest son is Appukuttan Menon(Mammootty). He’s fondly addressed as Appettan by locals, if you have seen Balettan(by the same director), then we don’t have much more to add about this character. Patron saint of poor people, good son, good father, good husband and basically a role model for perfect human being.

Pappan looses his legs in one accident orchestrated by Sivankutty, but Pappan keeps the information about Sivankutty’s involvement to himself. Pappan still wants to reconcile with Sivankutty – this is out of respect to Sivankutty’s father. Pappan and Appu run their business empire, named Leela group, after Pappan’s late wife, more for charity than for profits.

At this juncture Pappan’s second son Hari(Indrajit) returns from London after completing his MBA and job training. As soon as he returns he dutifully marries the girl(Gopika) pointed out by his elder brother. But he does not agrees with the business practices of his father and elder brother. He wanted to modernise and make Leela Group more profit oriented.

Unknowingly he becomes pawn in the shrewd game played by Sivankutty. Rest of the movie is about how this picture perfect family goes to the brink and brought back by the ASB. Without revealing the plot we can assure the readers that there is nothing new in the plot.

Mammootty has done a good job, but then he has done a lot of similar roles, hence one would say that practice made it perfect. Innocent gave a stellar performance as Mammootty’s father, he was very much in/under control and did a convincing job. Another act worth mentioning is Jagathi’s, like Innocent, Jagathi was kept also in tight reins and gave a good performance in a semi-serious role.

Sai Kumar was convincing in his villain role. Cochin Haneefa tried to provide comic relief by doing his idiot act, but we were relieved when he’s not in the scene. Mohini is Mammootty’s wife in this movie. There were many other place holders, none left an impression.

T.A Razzak’s screnplay is predictable and is a rehash of several simlar movies – like Valiettan, Vatsalyam etc. V.M.Vinu’s direction is average at best. S.A.Rajkumar, Tamil music director, debuted in this movie, and did a decent job.

So if you have not seen any of the big brother movies before, this movie would be a family entertainer, don’t forget to bring the handkerchief along.

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  1. Loojs like heavily inspired from hindi films especially the part where younger brother becomes pawn to villian

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