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Coming Soon: Two Murder Mysteries


Apart from the CBI series, not many murder mysteries have come out in recent times. Even if you look back, there are not many memorable ones, except for Mukham, Kariyilakkattu Pole, Utharam and The Truth. Now two new murder mysteries are in the making with Suresh Gopi and Kalabhavan Mani in the lead roles.

In the first one, Chintamani Kola Case, Suresh Gopi plays an advocate, and that too a maverick one which would be like adding salt to a lemon soda. This movie, directed by Shaji Kailas also is quite different in the sense that Suresh Gopi does not carry a gun but instead the gun carries Suresh Gopi (OK, we are kidding here).

In the movie, Chintamani (Bhavana), a college student is murdered and her nine hostel mates are accused of the crime. Lal Krishna Viradiar (Suresh Gopi) takes up the case and solves the mystery.

One problem which director Shaji Kailas faced was that he needed nine girls to ooze glamour. Since it was a Malayalam film it was difficult for him to find actresses to play such roles, and so he had to import some models. If only Shaji had read our blog regularly, he would have a got a clue on how to solve this problem.

This movie also uses spot editing, a technique by which the entire scene can be seen immediately after filming so that problems can be rectified instantly. As far as we know, spot editing cannot fix loop holes in the screenplay.

The second murder mystery, Ravanan, stars Kalabhavan Mani as police officer Ravanan Varghese (no relation to the guy in Ramayana). In this movie, a judge is murdered and Ravanan uses his brain (or ten brains) to solve the case.

Since the mythological Ravanan had 10 heads, he must have been able to think faster, so Jojo K. Verghese tells us. “Imagine a police officer who thinks and fights like Ravanan. He is my film’s hero,” he adds. Jojo has forayed into direction after working as associate to film director Bhadran.[Another whodunit]

Bhadran had only one head and maybe that was the reason most of this recent films have flopped. Hope Jojo learns from his mistakes.


  1. Chintamani Kola Case- Was waiting to see such films but even thought we live close to kerala(i live in chennai). Films come a bit late not very late though

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