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Coming Soon: Achanurangatha Veedu


In Malayalam there are various Actor-Director combinations which produce the same style of movies one after other like Priyadarshan-Mohanlal, Rajasenan-Jayaram, Shaji Kailas-Suresh Gopi and Lal Jose-Dileep. These combinations are safe bets and have mostly produced economically successful movies. Occasionally these directors venture outside their tribe and try their luck with other actors like Priyadarshan with Dileep in Vettam or Shaji Kailas with Mammotty in The King.

Now Lal Jose is trying two new things. First, he is making a movie without his favourite actor Dileep. Second, this movie is not the typical comedy which is his forte. The movie stars comedian Salim Kumar in a character role, as a 50 year old man with three daughters.

“Although Samuel is a Christian, he was never really included in the fold by certain sections in the community as he was a recent convert. His wife had died earlier and he had pinned all his hopes on his three daughters. His eldest daughter, Treesa (Suja Karthika), is married to a driver. Harisree Asokan enacts the role of the drunkard driver, Johnykutty.

Samuel’s second daughter Sherly (Samvritha Sunil) is in love with her cousin. However, as Christians frown upon marriage between first cousins, things take a tragic turn. Samuel wants his youngest daughter, Lisamma (debutant Muktha) to be a doctor.

But the Plus Two student does not return home in the evening. The issues that ensue is the focus of the story,” says Lal Jose. [Reflection of society]

The music is by Alex Paul, instead of his regular Vidyasagar. The songs of the movie are out and we liked Ozhukukayi Puzha Pole (Reju Joseph, Sujatha). The song Kunninte Mele, sung by Jassie Gift irritated initially but turned out be a haunting tune. The movie was to be released on Jan 6th, but has been postponed as there are no takers for such small movies.

We do not have high hopes for this movie since this seems to be a tear jerker. There was an era when tear jerkers made lot of money and many directors like Fazil became super directors by overplaying sentiments. If people want to cry they have their own lives or TV serials.

This is a time where the buzzword is entertainer. The competition to Malayalam movies are from slickly produced Tamil movies and theatre owners are preferring Ajith and Vijay movies over Malayalam movies. But this movie might get critical acclaim for director Lal Jose and actor Salim Kumar. They might win some awards too.


  1. Its good to see that directors and script writers are getting creative and thinking out of the box rather churing out the stale old cocktail like some manufacturing plant.

  2. Kuttan, there was an era when directors like Bharathan and Padmarajan made very different movies, which were economically successful as well. The current generation is taking the easy route.

    Even after so many years we still remember their movies, but say 50 years from now, you will not even remember the name of a single Dileep movie, for they all look the same.

  3. I just saw the movie in the evening. Its not a tear jerker. Its a mirror to the present situation in Kerala. It’s shocking and makes you think. You should go watch it if you can.

  4. Guess salim kumar is doing father role for the first time??

  5. Jo,

    Read your review and we will be linking to it as soon as your site becomes available.

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