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Balram vs Taradas Vs Lion


This week there are two interesting releases: Balram Vs Taradas starring Mammotty and Lion starring Dileep. Last time when Mammotty and Dileep had their movies released together, Dileep was the winner. The earlier competition was between Nerariyan CBI and Chanthupottu.

After losing to Dileep, Mammotty camp had to come up with a strategy to tackle Dileep’s Lion and so they have chosen to let loose two Mammotty’s against one Dileep. With Mammotty’s current winning form, you cannot go wrong by having many instances of Mammotty in a movie.

As we understand from news reports Balram Vs Taradas is a Cop-Underworld drama. Inspector Balram (from Avanazhi and Inspector Balram) and smuggler Taradas (from Athirathram) are the main protagonists. Another attraction is bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Directed by I.V.Sasi, the script is handled by the duo T.Damodaran and S.N.Swamy.

Lion on the other hand is a political thriller with Dileep donning the role of a young politician. He potrays the role of a straight forward politician (ha ha) fighting his father who is also a politician, but corrupt to the core. Lion is Dileep’s party’s election symbol (just in case you were worried about any Narasimham like morphing). Kavya Madhavan plays Dileep’s love interest and the movie is directed by Joshiy (formerly Joshi) with the script by the duo Siby K Thomas and Udayakrishnan. Following Hindi/Tamil/Telugu movie trends, this movie has a song picturised in New Zealand

Looking at people behind the scenes of these two movies we think that Lion will come out as the winner. I.V.Sasi has lost touch (no hits after Devasuram, which was released 10 years back), so has T.Damodaran. Another factor is the budget of this movie which has gone north of 5 crore rupees. Lion, which is a political thriller is directed by Joshiy, boosted by the success of Naran and confident by the name change. The writers Siby K Thomas and Udayakrishnan of Lion also have few successes behind them. The risk factor is that they have not done a political thriller before, but that’s something which we’ll have to wait see.

Update: The release of Balram Vs Taradas has been postponed to March 16th (Thanks: Unnikrishnan G Nair)


  1. I have a feeling that Lion is more likely to become a hit as people may be able to identify with the story board and its characters.. As far as Balram Vs Tharadas is concerned, the name of the movie looks cliched and as U had rightly mentioned, I V Sasi is a lot out of touch. And I happened to see the movie’s photos in and it is not appealing. So my gut feel is that Mamooty’s next hit might be his next movie Thuruppugulan releasing during Vishu time.

  2. UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!… Balram Vs Tharadas release postponed to March 16th!!!

  3. Unnikrishnan, Do you have any URL for the news?

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