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Why actresses don’t expose in Malayalam


Malayali actress love Tamil Cinema for two reasons. One, they get paid a lot more than Malayalam. Second, they get to wear (or not wear) whatever dress they like. For example, if Navya Nair wanted to take bath under a waterfall, not many directors in Kerala would be willing to take that risk. But if she wanted to do the same in a Tamil Movie, even during the peak of water scarcity, the producer will ensure that tanker lorries deliver enough water to drench her.

The code word for shedding clothes is glamour. Another export from Kerala, Nayantara made big news when she was seen in the poster of Vallavan, with Simbu biting her lips. Apparently the idea was not of Simbu but Nayantara herself. In an interview Nayantara declared that she does not mind doing glamorous roles and if the script demanded a kissing scene, then she was game.

Tamil heroes are in big trouble: either you bite or risk getting bitten. Another Malayali heroine, Gopika was seen in Kanaa Kanden biting the chin (not lips) of Srikanth and the poster of this movie created some controversy and it had to be removed in Chennai.

Another Kerala export, Renuka Menon was more bold.

In her first Tamil film Renuka wore white pants and ran in the ocean waves. The water made her pants become transparent. In her second film, the one with ‘Jayam’ Ravi, named ‘Dass’, she had an elaborate dance sequence under a waterfall. She only had a skirt tied under her armpits. Her new film, ‘Kalaaba Kaadhala’ too has many hot scenes. For an actress whose films in Malayalam sank without a trace, Renuka Menon sure has come a long way. [Renuka’s onscreen baths]

It is not just the present day heroines who are into exposing, but even Divya Unni was seen in a rain song in Sabhaash.

When it comes to Tamil movies, these girls seem to have no problems in kissing or exposing, wheras in Malayalam movies they are never seen in any such scenes. These heroines when they come back to Kerala act in roles which show their acting ability and not their body. There are some theories why the behaviour changes once you cross Valayar checkpost.

The first one obviously is money since Tamil films pay a lot more than Malayalam films. For example, Nayantara recently had to refuse a film since the producers were not able to meet her demands. According to one report, Navya Nair is getting paid ten times the salary she got for her debut film, Nandanam. When the pay his high, some compromises have to be made on certain issues and so Gopika has now decided that she will not expose for the sake of money.

In Tamil movies, most of the exposing comes in song scenes. In a hero-oriented Tamil Movie world, the heroine gets only few scenes anyway and time cannot be wasted in establishing character. So they get a few songs, show some glamour disppear from the story. While Tamil heroes are one man entertaiment units, so are Tamil heroines.

In Malayalam too, it is a hero’s world now as we noted before and in Malayalam also there are song scenes. Tamil songs tend to be dream songs or one with no-relation-to-story picturization, Malayalam songs tend to be more natural. Sometimes Malayalam songs even don’t have a dance sequence especially in the technique when it is played in the background and the story accelerates forward.

We are generalizing here, for now there is a trend to have dappankoothu songs with hundreds of extras in Malayalam movies too, but the similarity stops there. Malayalam songs are still picturized in the running-around-the-tree mode without much glamour and the heroines don’t expose in such songs. Even imported actresses like Rambha and Meena are dressed decently in Malayalam movies.

Except for few heroines like Jayabharathi or Seema, who are remembered more for exposing, most Malayali heroines established a name for themselves for acting. People remember Manju Warrier, and Urvashi for their holding on equal footing against well established heroes and not for exposing. Present day Malayalam films may be cliched, but they still tend to be more realistic and an exposing heroine is certainly not a character here.

The same actresses come back and do Malayalam movies occasionally and then the displayed talent is of a different nature. There is no exposing, just acting.

Postscript:Navya Nair says that her on screen bath is no big deal. Gopika says that she will not expose for the sake of money. Fortunately Nayantara does not make any such promises.


  1. Once manju warrier was the icon for malayali crowd. Showing hips were once considered closing gate for malayalam movies.

    Anyway let see how the stories end.

  2. Is it because chaste Tamil women wouldn’t malign themselves by such roles. They prefer North Indians, Telegu and Malayali imports. What say, Kushboo, Jayalalitha?

    As for the Malayalam stars, it’s their personal choice.

  3. This is happens because of the Directors, The directors dont want to take the risk of exposing actress in malayalam movie. But tamil directors dwant to take the extra mileage of exposing heroines.
    The heroines also want to be exposed because of their counterparts are ready to take their chances

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  8. We were wrong when we thought that only actresses of mallu origin did go the glamour way on crossing Walayar border after having acted fully wrapped up in Malayalam movies.. This applies to all actresses who act in Malayalam movies as well.. Now it is the time of Padmapriya to shed inhibitions (read clothes)!!

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  11. hey this is one of my suggestions why dont u start polling or voting sort of thing through this site as we would get to know people opinions bout the which is the best movies,scenes,heroes..etc..

  12. suraj, we are not big fans of online polls. If you ask for opinion on best hero, it is predictable what will happen.

    In each of our articles, we provide space for comments and discussion and we prefer to proceed that way.

  13. in the actresses who are exposing in tamil films are showing ‘irattathappunayam’.some times irrespective of the language of the films, the actresses are required to show their skins or glamour. it is a part of the cinema whether malayalam, tamil , telungu or any language..those persons who wants to get their bodies covered in 2feet clothes from head to toe should stop acting and should rest at home… once they enter the filmdom, they must…recently kavya madhavan acted in a film called annoriikal wearing expensive shirts and skirt for the lead role where it would be apt if she opts for blouse and mundu which is clear reflection of rural india..

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  15. Generally heroines come from north to south because they can make more money by exposing.After finishing their careers they will go back to their home town as if they are sati savitris.

  16. Heye you left out Abhirami

  17. all are equal
    even meera jasmine
    she also exposed a lot for huge remuneration.
    in films like aayudha ezhuthu and all she acted very vulgarily
    why these people are like this
    when they need money they enter into glamorous roles
    abhirami,nayan thara,meera, now karthika

  18. One reason is the huge remuneration they get in the tamil film industries. Second is the respect they get .let me explain the second reason a lot more. If u expose in tamil industry people appreciate it in a good way and they dont associate the real life person with the on screen character but back home we start talkin trash about her and might add she is nothing but a slut. Some even(politicians,directors,producers) even start harassin and blackmailin these poor ladies just to get them in bed with these losers. We are keralaites still not wise enough to open up and realise that characters in films donot depict them in their real life ..and we are way too much into this ‘kerala culture’ shit. I will tell u what it is like ..take everything in a negative manner ,dont help anyone(everyone just concerned with himself) but would be first one to criticise someone and start makin up horrible things about persons who dont follow the culture . This is the present malayali culture. Come on people we need to move on with the modern times. Loads of keralaites are unemployed and still the politicians are worried about the malayalam save it u need to first got to build some respect for the state by convertin it to next bangalore or bombay..where everyone gets enough opportunites and then other states will respect us and our language. People will then not have to go out of the state lookin for jobs. Currently most of the keralaites are abroad where malayalam is of no use at all. Hate the communist goverment ..due to them hardly any big industries are remainin in kerala

  19. Look at the cases of yesteryear actress’s like vijaysree and unnimary and u will know why actress dont expose in malayalam industry any more.

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  21. have a look at this wall paper
    bhavana exposing.what happened to these girls?

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