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Review Roundup: Tanmatra


We had reported earlier that Mohanlal’s new film Tanmatra directed by Blessy is not doing that well. But most reviewers seem to agree that Mohanlal has given a wonderful performance.

Paresh C. Palicha writes

“Tanmatra” can also be credited with the rediscovery of actor Mohanlal, not just because his performance is sans any star aura but because the poignant naturalness has returned in full. The character may have some resemblance with his role in Fazil’s “Life Is Beautiful” a few years ago, but here it is more restrained and underplayed.

Adolescent actor Arjun is the other performer who captivates you. The debutant does not seem to be a novice and has the capacity to hold his own against the stalwart. Meera Vasudev passes muster, but her character deserved sharper etching. Nedumudi Venu seems to be repeating his father act of “Baletten”[‘Tanmatra’ is for connoisseurs]

Above all, it is Mohanlal’s performance which is the major highlight of the film. Meera Vasudev is simply terrific as Lekha who gives love and support to her husband till the end. The chemistry between the lead pair is touching and honest. Arjun as Manu is the scene stealer and has the making of a good actor. Jagathy Sreekumar and Nedumudi Venu have once again proved that they are the best. Kaithapuram’s lyrics and Mohan Sitara’s music creates the right mood. Sethu Sriram’s camera work is marvelous.

Tanmatra is an intelligent, insightful and unconventional film. It is a touching, thought-provoking drama for sophisticated audiences. [Review – Tanmatra]

Tanmatra is a courageous story that can shatter any urban individual’s life. Its strength is in its everydayness. Blessy fleshes out all the right emotions and makes you ponder poignantly at the cruel roll of dice in Ramesan’s life.

If Blessy makes you think, then Mohanlal makes you cry with a performance that qualify to be one of his best ever. No _expression is out of place, No nuance is missed. He is of the highest class. Meera Vasudevan, an untested talent at this level, comes out with a surprisingly confident portrayal of a mother caught between a sinking husband and the ambitions of a son. [Tanmatra – Mind over matter]


  1. According to myself, its a sloppy movie that has a lot of flaws. Mohanlal wasn’t that great (if we compare this to his best roles) in the movie. And Blessy dissapointed me with this film. So many ‘inspired’ scenes from Awakening and Iris.

    See the scene that Mohanlal lecturing the parents in the PTA meeting. I agree Blessy has a lot of ideas on parenting, but hey, this is a movie. Not a parenting class. Mohanlal did well with the scenes after Rameshan fallen ill. But this role is not a challenging role in his career. If I am to choose the best amongst Chaandupottu and Thanmaathra, I would choose Chandupottu and would select Dilip as the best actor. Such a challenging role it was.

    But the boy who played Rameshan’s son amazed me. He is the highlight of the movie. And then Nedumudi venu was also good eventhough his role was small.

    And sorry for the looong comment. 🙂

  2. Jo,
    I do agree that Blessy as a director has a lot to improve. I could not watch Tanmatra yet…but from the clips i have seen on TV..the drama that he tries to create to depict human tragedy appears too fabricated.

    But i do not agree with your comments on Dileeps acting skills in Chandupottu..for me he jus did another mimicry act with all that mass masala. I have seen a lot of people with similar situations in their life(may nt be of such filmy significance) but i dont see an ounce of exploration into what it would be like them, from dileeps performance. He made the whole theatre laugh…pple will laugh a lot more now on many “Radhas” from now on.

    It takes more than sheer commercial insight and guts to (people talk a lot about dileeps courage to do such a character at this stage of his career) to make a character like that memorable. Moreover at the hands of an imature director like LalJose and producer Lal the whole theme fell part to become one another chartbuster that keep appearing year after year.

  3. I am very impressed with tanmatra. The flow of the story,the characters, the plot is done to perfection. Iam very happy to note that Mohanlal has not lost any of his glory, his acting appears more refined and polished in this movie. Arjun is a star in the making…his acting is very tailor made and does full justice to his role. Meera is convincing as a supportive wife,but I feel she lacked lustre. She looked quite young to have a teenage son. Blessey has done wonderful job, he is sucessful in an honest potrayal of a sensitive issue like Alzheimers. Way to go!!!!

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