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2005 – Heroines

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Import, Export. These two words best describe the year 2005 regarding Malayalam movie actresses.

While most of the Malayali actresses migrated to Tamil and Telugu films, many Hindi and Tamil actresses came to Malayalam and also went back. Malayali actresses who went to Tamil and Telugu movies are doing well and producers in those languages are paying them well. The imported actresses had to be paid well as per Tamil/Telugu/Hindi standards as these actresses do not believe in charity. So the Malayali producer is at loss due to both the export and import.

Another dimension to this story is – irrelevance. Except for occasional movies like Perumazhakkalam and Achuvinte Amma, there are few movies in which the heroine is important. The movies today have heroes who do everything and just need a beautiful face to appear in few scenes and songs. Very rarely heroines get a author backed role in Malayalam films.

Dileep recently proved that he can be both hero and heroine. Some actors want a new look and new heroine in each movie and some like the CBI series require none. There are few exceptions though: Dileep – Kavya Madhavan team has acted in few movies, though it pales in comparison with the fact that Prem Nazir and Sheela acted together in more than 100 movies. Here is a brief look at various actresses and what they did in 2005.

  1. Exports:
    • Meera Jasmine : Tried her best to get established in Tamil world with the remake of Kasturiman, and the movie did reasonably well. She acted in few other movies in Tamil which did ok.
    • Navya Nair: Went to the extent of removing Nair from her name for Tamil world, got into all sorts of problems with the director, but her movies are doing ok in Tamil.
    • Nayantara: Creating waves in Tamilnadu. What all she does not do in Malayalam, she does in Tamil. Occasional visitor to Kerala via Rapakal,Taskaraveeran etc.
    • Asin: This actress debuted in Narendran Makan Jayakanthan vaka and never looked back at Malayalam. Most probably Malayalam Film producers won’t be able to afford her.
    • Gopika – Doing extremely well in both Malayalam and Tamil. The only person who did well from the 4 The People cast. Most recently acted in Chandupottu as one of the three heroines.
  2. Attempted export:
    • Kavya Madhavan: Tried to act in Tamil but was not accepted and reunited with Dileep in Kochi Rajavu. She had another hit in Ananthabadram
  3. Imports
    • Padmapriya: Was well received in Kazhcha and also acted in Raja Manickam. She has got things going well Tamil as well.
    • Laya: Mammootty’s love interest in Thommanum Makkalum, also acted in Alice in wonderland.
    • Meena: Did well in Udayananu Tharam, occasionally comes back to act in Mohanlal movies.
    • Riya Sen: Appeared in Ananthabadram, We don’t think she’ll ever come back again.

In the final tally for 2005, it was Kavya Madhavan who was the leading heroine with five movies. She was able to display her acting skills in Annorikkal and had a hit in Ananthabadram. Bhavana and Navya Nair had five films and Gopika had three.

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