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According to The Hindu, the Man of the Year for 2005 in Malayalam movies is Mammotty. Rajamanikyam was the biggest hit in his career. All his other five movies, Thommanum Makkalum, Thaskaraveeran, Raapakal, Nerariyan CBI, and Bus Conductor made money.

Compared to that Mohanlal had five releases, Udayananu Tharam, Chandrolsavam, Udayon, Naran and Thanmatra, of which only two were hits. One of his strategies is to get good directors who worked with Mammotty.

Blessy in his first film, Kaazcha, directed Mammotty and the film was a big success, even though we did not like it very much. For his second film, Blessy directed Mohanlal in Tanmatra and according to reports, the film is not doing great financially, even though it has an excellent performance by Mohanlal.

Now Mohanlal has signed up Anwar Rasheed, the man who directed Rajamanikyam for his next movie.

Anwar Rasheed is currently working on the Tamil remake of his film. Even as he is busy planning a sequel to ‘Rajamanikkam’, the other superstar of Malayalam, Mohanlal has signed him up for his new film. Maniam Pillai is going to produce it. Other formalities like story, screenplay and Mohanlal’s callsheets, will be decided later.[Mohanlal signs up ‘Rajamanikkam’ director]

The superstar seem to be looking for super directors now.

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