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Review: Vettam

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In the movie Vettam (meaning Light), there is a scene where Dileep sits next to a girl who is scared of flying. He plays a few pranks on her, but later puts a stolen necklace into her bag so that he would not get caught by the police officer (Radha Ravi) traveling in the same flight. At this point, you would be wondering where have I seen this before? (Answer: French Kiss). You would also be wondering, since this seems to an plagarized movie, would the director be Priyadarshan? (Answer: yes).

In Malayalam Film Industry, there are few director-actor combinations that produce the same kind of movies one after the other like Rajasenan-Jayaram, Shaji Kailas-Suresh Gopi, Priyadarsan-Mohanlal etc. Priyadarsan is very picky about his heroes that he always picks Mohanlal. So it was quite the news when he decided to cast Dileep in his new movie.

In this movie Dileep is a thief trying to escape with a necklace stolen from a Spanish princess. In the process he meets Veena (played by Bhavana Puri) and gets entangled in her life. She is on a trip to find her fiancee who is off to marry someone else. On the way they land in Dileep’s house and find that it is in bad shape and he needs to come up with some money to get his sister married. Hence he needs to find the necklace from Veena’s bag and sell it.

But then he had also promised Veena that he would help her reuinte with her fiancee. So they both land in a hotel in Karnataka where the engagement is going to happen. They mingle with both families which consists of who and who of Malayalam comedians and actors like Nedumudi Venu, Jagathi Sreekumar, Cochin Haneefa, Innocent, Jagadish, Mamu Koya, Kalabhavan Mani, Bindu Panikker, Sukumari and Janardhananan. What follows is a sequence of mistaken identities which is really a laugh riot.

Finally at the end, the predictable happens and all issues are resolved. The movie plays to Dileep’s strength – comedy and he delivers a good performance. The comic scenes will really make you laugh even though they are contrived. In the scenes at the hotel, there are too many characters and eventually you lose track of who, but you can ignore all that and enjoy the film. This film does not have Salim Kumar and Harisri Asokan and so the standard of comedy is high.

There is nothing great about the story as it is a rehash of French Kiss plus various other Priyadarsan movies. It has the mandatory man-woman fight (Chitram) and various people with mistaken identities (Chandralekha, Kakkakuyil) etc. The song picturization does not have the Priyadarsan touch and it seems to have been shot in a hurry. The songs too are not memorable.

Bhavana Puri as Veena does a decent job and she has to be commended for holding up in the midst of such a stellar cast. Rest of the talent do their job well.It is a decent comedy worth watching. (Unless you want to watch it few years down the line remade in Hindi).

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  1. Sorry i am commenting on such a old post but the last line saying:

    It is wrong as the film was made in Hindi quiete a few years back its name was Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha(i guess thats the name) with Ajay Devgan as thief and Kajol as the gal. It is memorable bcoz of a famous song then sung by Remo Fernandez which was its title track.
    Also one question i have a review and would love to give it to you i had posted it on my blog lot times ago how do i contact you for it.

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