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Music Director: Deepak Dev


In the movie, Symphony, there is a beautiful song called Pannimathiyey Punarum, Thalirambal Poove. Sung by Chita and Yesudas, this song has very less orchestration and stands out for the melodious voices of the singers. Similarly there is another song, Sughamo (Remix) sung by Sujatha and Vidhu Pratap with less orchestra and a haunting tune. The composer of this song is a new music director called Deepak Dev.

He started his career with the movie Chronic Bachelor directed by Siddique (of Siddique-Lal fame). All the songs were beautiful, but the one we liked was Swayamvara Chandrike, Swarnamani Meghame sung by Jayachandran and Sujatha. Now in an interview Deepak says that director Siddique was the reason why he came into movies.

He had almost given up on his musical career, soon after completing his graduation, “as nothing exciting was happening in my career.” But, as fate would have it, every time he tried to sell off his keyboard, it came back to him, “as the guys who bought it couldn’t cough up the money that they had promised me. And soon after the third time it happened, the Siddique-Lal duo called me to join their group for their shows in the United States. They wanted me to render some music to fill the time in-between programmes. Eventually, it was those tunes that prompted Siddique to choose me to compose the music for `Chronic Bachelor,’ my first film,” recalls Deepak.[HITTING the right notes]

The other films of Deepak are Udayananu Tharam, Naran, and Ben Johnson. Our song reccomendations are

  • Minnadi Minnadi (Naran)
  • Thumbi Kinnaram (Naran)
  • Karale Karalinte (Udayananu Tharam)
  • Raghuvamsha (Symphony)
  • Sughamo (Symphony)
  • Panimathiyey (Symphony)
  • Swyamvara Chandrike (Chronic Bachelor)

Let us know which is your favourite Deepak Dev song and why?


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  2. Yes Songs of Symphony were really melodious. Since the film was not a major hit, the songs were noted. There is one more song in that Chitramanikattil…

    I started noting Deepak Dev’s creations with Swayamvara Cahndrikee from Chornic Bachelor.

    Wishing him all the success…

  3. Some of Deepak’s music for new films like Kilukkam sequel, Fast Track and Balram vs Taradas, seem more like noise. Chronic Bachelor, Symphony and Naran are his best work so far.

  4. I started noting Deepak Dev’s creations with Karale Karalinte Karale frm Udayananu Tharam. I really like Deepak when I started to watching the prgm ‘Superstar’ in Amritha Tv.I love Deepak very much and wishing him all the success.

  5. Ofcourse he is talented. I started to hate this guy after watching Amritha TV Super star program. He is a Mike eater and doesnt want to give a chance to anyone else.! crticising on everything and pretending that he is the ONLY super star.

  6. The Superstar program telecast in Amrita TV is no way different from an IAS exam. Has to say its disgusting to the core. And its ONLY disgusting beacause of THE MUSIC MASTERS Deepak, Balabhaskar and the achoring lady). I guess this Deepak should strictly be told not to touch the mike. This guy has no head or tail of what he speaks. PATHETIC!!!! And often he keeps interrupting other judges too. Myself being a fan of Balabhaskar, never thought his nose was so high up in the air. Most of their comments are limited to “I personally feel you are…”, “Pitching problem”. Godd this is too much.

    The anchoring lady (dont know her name) heeee haawwww guysss please watch her. Can anyone let us know what she really intends to. Give us a break!!

    Bottom line….Its no good to see our young talents are tortured and harassed.

    The keralite audience anytime welcome music programs, provided its kept to the standards. At the same time i have to say that the Stage design & setup, video, and quality are maintained to the highest level as the audience expects from Amrita TV. The only request, is there a way to knock out atleast Deepak & the achoring lady OUT from this program. We would like to watch the program. Please help.

  7. Deepak Dev has given music to Punjabi House and that is his first movie…..and regarding superstar,i am ok with the judges……but i have some problems as far as the anchor is concerned…..she thinks no end of herself……she is rude and whts most irritating is her way of addressing the judges-deepuji,baluji and alphonsji…she even called actress menaka menakaji once….come on…..u r neither on a hindi channel nor in politics…..

  8. Shipla, The music director of Punjabi House is Suresh Peters. Please see the interview above. Deepak Dev says his first film is Chronic Bachelor.

  9. Deepak Dev has brought revolution into the Industry. Much the same way as Vidyasagar. Vidyasagar these days is busy elsewhere, not in Malayalam Industry, I guess. By far, the best Music of Deepak Dev, no doubt, is one of the melodious melancholy best of the Malayalam Filum Industry – parayaathe ariyaathe. The director has given it an awesome feel, and the lyrics prove maximum justice to the song. Picturisation of the song is excellent. The version 2 (sung by Kartik) is equally good.

  10. thats the height of it…. Vidyasagar & Deepak Dev???? Any comparison? I wonder how dare people compare Vidyasagar to Deepak Dev. Deepaks contributions are limited to 3-4 good songs and thats it. And mind you few of them are hit just because the scenes being choreographed and definitely the credit goes to the movie director.

  11. Saji, the visualization of the songs of Symphony are terrible, still the songs were hits.

  12. Hai; Deepak Sir,

    ur judgement in the Super Star … Super ,True, acceptable, ……. The others have soft corners to the contestants. Not good and should not entertain also….., we the viewers , appreciate you only. born…

    with regards,
    leela ananthapadmanabhan

  13. Hai Deepak Sir,
    You are really great!!!You make the right judgement unbiased.Your suggestions to the contestants are really helping them to improve a lot and it shows in the following episodes.Even we audience started listening to songs these days with fine details of the songs like nodes,pitch etc.You have a big fan in here in Dubai…Keep it up!!!!

  14. super star is such an excellent program that i cannot even bear to miss superstar r sangeeth & job

  15. Hai Deepak sir,

    I am a big fan of Superstar and you..
    Also magical singer sangeet too..
    your unbiased decisions,criticisms etc are really helping the contestants to improve their performance level . anyway best wishes….

    Note : can you make arrangements to sing one of my favourit song from film karan arjun “ye bandhan to pyar ka bandhan hei” by ajay,sangeet and mrudula ? please………………

  16. Sir,
    I am a regular viewer of super star.I am 54 years old, a teacher and from a remote village Ponnai.I shall be deeply indebted sir to you if you read this out to the super star contestants,since I like all of them very much.I am actually a fan of Job and somehow his style is a real energy booster for me too.I know its funny that an old woman like me can enjoy this kind of a programme but it makes feel 100 years younger.I also like the way you express your opinions and I am sure that its been a real experience to all.I rewuest you to kindly resd this out sir and my blessings to all the contestants.
    Lakshmi Menon

  17. “Pramod .S Says:
    Hai Deepak sir,” & “RB Says:Hai Deepak Sir”

    Is Deepak Dev on this blog?…. just curious!!

  18. Whether or not hes on this blog – he has more ‘hits’ than Mamta Mohandas

  19. Dear Deepak

    We are regular viewers of Superstar. I would like to express my openion on your judgement and comments in Superstar. Last episode 26.10.2006 you sell yourself so cheap. As a judje you may have favorites but that should not influence your judjement or comments. As I read on this earlier I will agree with the guys who say you are a mick eater. Be careful on your words what you are saying to promote your favorite Job who can’t spaeak malayalam and english properly with correct prenouciation. Its so pathatic that you could not notice who sung what on a stage where you are a judge. Sangeeth already sung many songs earlier with high pitch (Shaktikodu)and you apreciated him. Now what you did not here that??? Please come on man this is tooo…. much more over I have a feeling that as your favorites are loosing out from the show you are loosing your mind???

    Secondly you should not tease ajay saying that “A Singer like you” What is his problem better you should mind your language when you spaek. You have to encourage them by saying in a good way.

  20. Here comes another 🙂

  21. Hi,
    I am a fan of Superstar program, the only program I watch in Amrita, and that’s just superb!!

    I defenitely say, the judges’ input make those young talents better and give them a chance to correct the small mistakes and proceed. We need to take it in a positive way that we are going to get some wonderful talents for the future and the judges are trying to contrubute into it.

    Among the judges, I beleive, Alphnse is doing a wonderful job by providing the right input disregarding the faces. Good job Alphonse!!

    Balabhasker also appreciates and encourages the talents in a great way, while Deepak talks endlessly. But that also a part of the show. We don’t want judges to sit idle either.
    All the best to the program and I beleive the last 5 are the superstars!!

    Fabulous Five!!



  22. I certainly agree to the point that the judges have to identify the mistakes and let the contestants to understand their problems and correct them. For sure we will get some talented singers. But my point is that why Deepak has to make such comments at the late stages, High pich and all other issues should be sorted very before. There is somothing fishy thats all…

  23. Namasthe,
    I also feelthe same about that DD.He may be a fine music director (just fine.not comparable to any other gr8 music director malayalam film industry has seen).he acts 2 much..and the anchor lady s yuck!…
    SANGEETH WAS IS & WILL be the superstar….he only has the right inborn talent…mind blowing voice…(I am not telling that Job s bad…all are talented)…but Sangeeth s so special..
    Sure that some young boy/girl pretended as an old teacher , who s a Job fan.Only Sangeeth vl have fans from all ages… i have seen it…& everybody knows it…

  24. Hello all,

    Amrita TV created a Forum on their site for SuperStar Show, they have a forum for each contestants and a general forum to voice your comments, suggestions, Which are at times answered by the Satheesh the producer. So why dont you voice it there.

  25. Sorry,
    Good concept.
    But those so-called judges act poor, and often ridiculous judgements. These judges are ridiculous people.They are not talented enough to judge those young singers, because youngsters sing better than those judges. These judges are also egoistic. The lady presenting the show does well.
    Alas, a group of Malayalam music racketeers in Muscat is now trying to make use of this programme as they did in the past.


    Rajani Rangan

  26. Rajani, the judges are music directors, not singers. So it is possible that some people may sing better than them. I don’t find anything odd with it.

    Also to your statement, “They are not talented enough to judge those young singers”, then please explain to me why everyone in Kerala knows Deepak Dev’s name and not the names of the people trying to impress him.

  27. OK, Deepak is good,

    If you yourself goes wrong, how can you judge the participants ?
    Most of his compositions are copies of Westrn Classical Melodies..!
    You could hear it in may of his background scores.
    The title song followed by the story narration in chronic bachelor has a background score
    which is exactly the replica of Yanni’s Acropolis.
    Any many many more melodies are copied from western symphony……!
    Unfortunately, we do not have any artists who have really learned Western Classical.
    Criticisms has itz limitations, it should be energetic.
    SUN TV has a program oooh lalala, on sundays…!
    See the way the judges appreciate the talents…!
    They all are renowned personalities.!
    A.R.Rahman is going to be the judge on coming sunday…!
    All our mallu judges, who ever it may be should PLEAZE PLEAZE PLEAZE watch it……….!
    After Ravindran mash, literally we do not have any melodious music directors…..!
    He was an ILAYARAJA sir to us…………!
    We do have a couple of talented music directors, Sarath, Anand……….!
    Where have they gone….?

  28. ? Pakal Poove ? Chronic Bachelor ????????

    and now this

    Secret Garden – Nocturne

    Sound like ditto copy… 🙂

  29. i love ur musicdirection. but ur judgement is very borring.u just watch idea star singer & their judgement.u can learn more from idea star singer.

  30. Deepak has nice orchestration technique, very soothing intruments,pads. Very catchy Guitar strumming patterns, nice rhythm patterns. But the class is still missing in his songs. Most of the songs looks as an repeatition of his own songs. (Pichavecha,Swayamwarachandrike) (PAnimathiye,Oh Naran). All are from the same janya raga. So everything sounds a continuation of the other. He uses similar flute as his main instrument for the main tune in all his songs.
    I think he has to come up a level high and come up something like his first album “Symphony” which was path breathing.
    Best of luck

  31. Deepak is an exceptional talent. There is no doubt about that. Udayananu Tharam is enough proof. Keep going Deepak. You won’t have to
    sell your keyboard anymore.

  32. Well….Super Star was way better than Star Singer aired on asianet…pity that majority malayalees have’nt watched Super Star…in all aspects Super Star..the judges….anchoring…sound nd video quality…everything are a class apart from ISS…nd Deepak Dev is a very good judge….

  33. Waiting for the next edition of Super Star with DD as a judge..

  34. Sad to say that most of his songs are copy of western/african songs/tunes.
    Would appreciate if Deepak will come out with something original.
    Even the urumi songs are copied from canadian classics.
    Its not an inspiration but an exact copy!!!

  35. I was so excited with Urumi songs but after listening to the original Canadian track of “aaro neeyaaro”‘ I lost all respect I had for Deepek! Dear all, please listen to it before you judge. It’s not just inspiration as usual copy cats claim but this is shameless and exact copy of the Canadian song!

  36. My favourite song of DEEPAK DEV is Nila nila from movi tournament.

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