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Secret to making successful movies

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Most film directors when asked about the secret to their success say that there is no such formula. Some movies click and some don’t. If they knew the formula, there would be only super hit movies all the time. Due to the lack of knowledge of the magic formula, various movies still flop, including those done by Mammotty and Mohanlal.

But finally, in a moment of “Eureka”, few Malayalam film directors have found the secret to success. Once you know this secret, you don’t need a good script, good actors or good technicians. You can just sit and make any movie you like and it is guaranteed to be a financial success.

So what is this great secret? Numerology!

Directors Joshiy and Jayaraaj have each added an extra letter to the spellings of their names. The results of this change, however, have been very different.

Joshiy has scored unprecedented success as his two recent releases “Mambazhakalam” and “Naran” starring Mohanlal have been super hits. On the other hand, four Jayaraaj releases after the spelling change of his name have bitten the dust.

The person to perhaps benefit most by numerology is young director Rosshan Andrrews. He says even the spelling of his debut film “Udayanaanu Tharam”, one of the biggest hits of recent times, was suggested by a numerologist.

Now director Vinayan has followed by adding two extra letters to the title of his new film. The new title is “Boyy Friennd” and the film is expected to rake in more collections than a mere “Boyfriend” could have mustered! [Numerology hits Malayalam cinema]

So, Jayaram, if you need a hit, you know what to do.

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