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Review: Naatu Rajavu

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As a fight is progressing between the villain and the hero’s folks, a car comes into the scene. The door opens and we get a glimpse of the hero’s legs as it stomps on the ground. In slow motion the hero walks towards the scene, mouths a one liner and thrashes countless people. You might think this is a scene from a Superman, Spiderman or Rajnikanth movie and you would be wrong. This is the entry scene for Mohanlal in the Malayalam film – Naatu Raajavu (King of the land).

In this film, Mohanlal plays Charlie. But the name does not matter since he is playing superman. He is a popular person and has countless enemies. These enemies (Manoj K Jayan, Siddiq) try to inflict pain on him in various ways and he beats each one of them to their game. For the climax, there is the mega villain, who gets released from jail just to get beaten up. Then as usual, there is some family melodrama with a loving mother (Kaviyoor Ponamma), sister(Nayantara) and the affable sidekick (Kalabhavan Mani). Such stories and their variations have been repeated countless times and this is yet another instance of the same stuff.

This movie is directed by Shaji Kailas who made Suresh Gopi a superstar by making him say the same dialogue in three languages one after the other. In this movie Mohanlal speaks only one language, but the lines are statements spoken by cartoon characters. Mohanlal has acted in countless such movies and in all of them he looks, acts, and walks the same. He never becomes the character and it could be intentional for his fans come to see him and not the Charlie he portrays.

It does not have to be said again and again that Mohanlal is a talented actor, but by acting in such comical movies, he is just wasting his skills.

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