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Sequels galore


It’s sequel season in Malayalam. Every movie which was a decent hit in the past is being examined to see if a sequel could be made. When there is paucity for original ideas, sequel is an easy way out for a writer. And moreover there is name recognition – couple of generations are familiar with Sethurama Iyer’s name. On the downside – the high expectations of the viewer if the first part was a huge success. This trend is huge in malayalam only, other major movie industries(Hindi,Tamil, Telugu etc.) are not into the sequel rush. In Hindi there is Dhoom 2 in production.

Coming back to Malayalam, The CBI franchise is the most succesful in this game of exploiting past successes and managing huge expectations.That team might get into guiness book soon for repeating same director, hero and script writer(K.Madhu,Mammootty and S.N.Swamy) in most number of movies. The first movie of this series was released in 1988 and three more followed. And there is Dasan and Vijayan Series – all time favourite characters of malyalees. The first movie of that series – Nadodikkattu – was released in 1987, followed up by Pattana pravesham and Akkare Akkare Akkare. Another notable movie which had a sequel was Devasuram. It’s sequel was Ravanaprabhu.

There a few other sequels in various stages of production. Kilukilukkam is the sequel of Kilukkam with Jayasurya and Kavya Madhavan being lead pairs and Mohanlal doing a guest appearence. Bharathchandran IPS – just released and was a huge hit and brought back Suresh Gopi’s from near certain retirement. Kashmeeram – This 1994 movie will get a sequel, just in time to take advantage of Suresh Gopi’s newly revived career. Most interesting of the forth coming sequels is IV Sasi’s Taradas Vs. Inspector Balaram, in which Mammootty plays double role – playing two characters of two different movies. Taradas from Athirathram and Inspector Balaram ( from movies Avanazhi and Inspector Balaram). Now, will Mohanlal be far behind ? It’s worth looking forward for this movie – Narasimham and Aaram Thampuran doing Thandavam

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