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Advertisments in movies


Imagine a scene in a movie where Mohanlal is surrounded by a bunch of thugs. He looks each one of them as they take out weapons of single destruction like cycle chain and Malappuram knife. Mohanlal, tightens his mundu, twirls his moustache and takes a packet of tea bags and mouths an advertisment line to the audience.

After making classy movies, this is the new direction Malayalam movies are taking. The reason – mounting production costs.

Superstar Mammootty’s blockbuster “Nerariyan CBI”, released during the Onam season and running houseful at all theatres, has onscreen promotionals for a tea company, a jewellery shop and a biscuit company.

“The trend is certainly going to bring in money. We do not feel there is anything wrong at all in doing this,” leading producer Sureshkumar told IANS.

His next film, which features superstar Mohanlal, will have a few promos too.[Malayalam cinema begins hawking products on screen]

James Bond movies are known for hawking products, like the Aston Martin, BMW, whatever brand watch he wears etc. Then James Bond movies are cartoon films, meant to sell merchandise. But Malayalam cinema, which prides itself on making realistic movies going this route will definitely put off the viewer.

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