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Santosh Sivan is releasing his first Malayalam film, Ananthabhadram starring Prithviraj, Kavya Madhavan, Riya Sen, Manoj K Jayan and Kalabhavan Mani. This movie, based on a novel by Sunil Parameshwaran is rich in folk stories and mystical elements.

But this story is actually set in real times. A young man (Prithviraj) from San Francisco comes to his ancestral village for the first time in his life with his mother’s ashes. He wants to light a lamp at the sacred grove, which his mother (Revathy) used to frequently light as a young girl. He slowly realises that all the stories his mother had told him were true; people of the village still believe in many things he didn’t. They believe in trans-migration. I have realised that those Indians who are settled abroad are more culturally bound to India than us who live here. They want something to cling on to. There is some element of disbelief in all these things, though we have added an element of believability to the script. The film is basically about trans-migration, the good and evil.[Santosh Sivan on Anandabhadram]

Santosh also directed the movies Asoka and Terrorist and both were rich in visuals. One of the songs in the movie, Pinakkamano, has been based on Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings and those images look brilliant (1, 2). But Asoka for all the grandeur was a poorly made movie. Terrorist was much better, but still did not have a great narration to suit the visuals. So it remains to be seen if Santosh’s talent for story telling has matched his brilliance behind the camera.

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